Natural crepe soles have become real speciality and true rarity nowadays. Very few shoe manufacturers still offer shoes with crepe soles. They are very complex to manufacture and the soles are significantly more expensive than mineral oil based materials such as EVA, TPU or lightweight rubber.



Expert knowledge and lots of experience are required for the finishing of crepe soles. For this reason, these kind of soles are mostly used exclusively in the luxury sector. They are particularly popular amongst fashion-minded men and globetrotting fashionistas. It is easy to see why – the crepe sole never fails to provide the shoe with an unbeatably natural and casual look – no matter whether it is a chukka boot or a ladies’ ankle boot.


But where does it come from? A wonder of the natural world, raw latex is tapped directly from a rubber tree, in a process that leaves the trees unharmed and able to produce for decades to come. After being harvested in liquid form from the tree, the raw latex is then coagulated to form a semi-solid substance, and then crushed, pressed, and rolled into sheets using a series of machines.

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